HEY! I’m posting a thing! I’ve been so inactive the last week it feels. I’ve seen EVERYTHING that’s been on my feed and loved it all I just never clicked those buttons because i’ve been tired as all hell lately x.x.

So I swear i’ve seen all the things and love all the stuff, i’m just a bad DX. I blame Tales of Xillia 2 and Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare BI



An interesting thing about the Go Nagai universe is that all demon birds seem to have breasts, regardless of gender.

I think it’s because they somehow “take after” Satan, who is an intersex fallen angel (and identical twin of archangel Michael).

Also, according to the Devilman Lady manga, angels were modeled after birds of prey because they are symbolic hunters of snakes (demons).

So that is why demon birds ironically look like angels!

Is that just in the manga’s story, or is that a real thing? Either way that’s really cool, I love back story like that 83.



My therapist told me that she got in trouble for using a book about two male penguins raising an egg together, in order to teach a child about different types of families. Apparently her client’s parents found it offensive and decided they weren’t having their child exposed to any of that.


God forbid you talk to someone younger than you like they’re a human being like you. Can’t have them learning or anything, when are they EVER ganna need that information?