I found these Mexican Coca Cola brand chocolate bars at the dollar store at 2 for $1. They taste kind of funny, but I think it’s because they contain mango fat, shea butter, and something called illipe butter.

Not bad, though.

Coolest find i’ve seen is chocolate coconut milk, i’ve looked in bigger stores like wal-mart and krogers but i’ve never seen them sold there. Not in any health stores either. They were shaped like a kids juice box but they were SO GOOD x.x.




I encourage everyone to at least once in life shave your head and stop being a slave to your hair.

I feel fucking free as an intergalactic bird.
I mean I didn’t shave completely bald, but it ain’t far from that.

Totally awesome feeling. Totally awesome looking.

Welcome to the club! I’ve been shaving my head for over a year now.

It’s great, isn’t it?

Is it really? D: I’ve always grown mine out as long as my job will let me without firing me, so I haven’t had short hair since I was like, 11.



Rarity WIP pictures that I couldn’t submit at school because tumblr is blocked. I left before I could see any suggestions on what ponies to make, so I went with Rarity (mostly because she was the only one I thought I had the right colors to make. Well, outside the light shade of her hair). I just read Lyssea’s suggestion on Applejack, which I find so humorous because the spare fabric I brought with me is for making an Applejack! Funny how coincidences work.

Any who, I’ll probably try working on Rarity’s mane tomorrow. I’m probably going to try and get some sleep for the con tomorrow.

You’re going to a con? That’s awesome! I hope you have a good time 83.

HEY! I’m posting a thing! I’ve been so inactive the last week it feels. I’ve seen EVERYTHING that’s been on my feed and loved it all I just never clicked those buttons because i’ve been tired as all hell lately x.x.

So I swear i’ve seen all the things and love all the stuff, i’m just a bad DX. I blame Tales of Xillia 2 and Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare BI